culture change.

Transformational Workshops
Leadership Coaching
Wellness Events

( expect Shamanic Rituals )


Graphic Design
Web Design + Development
Product + Service Analysis

community building.

Event Production
Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management
Content Creation
Digital Advertising + Analytics

our journey.

We have a three part process designed to facilitate the creation of purpose-driven and culturally relevant products and services.

Our wish is for all products and services created for the world to be authentically aligned with their creators and to have a positive impact.

1. initiation.

Culture - Through a series of workshops or meetings, we work with you to clarify your vision, values and mission so that a soulful community can be built around an authentic culture. This stage may include our network of coaches, healers, and wellness practitioners.

2. exploration.

Innovation - we work with you to explore the potentiality of your team, brand and products so that everything from products to campaigns are all purposeful, future-focussed and culturally relevant to your audience. We ensure that anything created is newsworthy, transformational and inspiring.

3. activation.

Community Building Strategy + Implementation - we love growing online and offline communities. For this we have a specialist team of movement builders, event producers, digital marketeers, publicists and content creators.